Thailand and its various sports

Sports are the best way to stay fit and healthy. There are many types of sports in the world. Each sport is different from the other and is also the forte of a particular area. Almost all the population is a fanatic of some or the other sport. This makes them crave for more and make them a diehard fan. One such place is Thailand where numerous sports are played and worshiped. The first and the foremost in line is Muay Thai. This sport is not only played the most here but is also originated from this land. Centuries ago, Muay Thai was originated and is now a world recognised sport across the globe.

It is a combat sport which uses the art of eight limbs i.e. the hands, the feet, knees and the elbows. It is also becoming famous among females due to the fitness quotient it offers. The north of Thailand has mountains and many landscaped areas. Here trekking is very famous and people from around the world come to experience it live. Apart from this, mountain biking, bungee jumping and many more such sports can be done here. With the help of the high mountain region such sports are the best suited in this part of Thailand.

The south of Thailand is filled with sun kissed white sand beaches and the tropical blue waters that are crystal clear. With the help of these waters sports like scuba diving, para sailing, jet skiing, kayaking, snorkelling, and many more water sports activities can be performed here with utmost ease. It is also become a tourist attraction in no time. Surprisingly, the major income of Thailand is from these tourists and it is a basic need to evolve new things to keep the interest intact in the country. Thailand does not stop from surprising these tourists as every region has something unique to offer to its visitors and for all age groups.


The land of water and adventure sports

Thailand is the land of Buddha. Buddhism has always taught many new things to the mankind including the way to live life. There are many rich heritage temples that show the stories of Buddhism to the tourists. Apart from the heritage and culture, Thailand is a country that lives on the edge. It has a bunch of adventurous sports and activities that keep the travellers busy all day. The land is divided into regions like the north, the central and the south. The north has activities like the trekking, as the landscaped mountains are just the perfect way to do it. It also has organic and orchid farming being done in this region.

The central region of Thailand is filled with lush green national parks and forests that have abundance of animals like tigers, leopards, elephants, gaur, serow including Malayan sun bears. Coming to Thailand and missing out on a wildlife jungle safari would do quite a damage to the tour. It is a great retreat from the busy city life where waterfalls jump from soaring cliffs into rivers. The southern part has many beaches which is the highlight of Thailand. These beaches have many resorts which offer many types of sports and activities. Scuba diving is a great activity along with kayaking and snorkelling.

The marine life of Thailand can be looked from closer and can also be touched. The trained professionals take you for a dive into the waters where they make you explore the marine life rather beautifully. To make the memories special, one can also take pictures and videos from special cameras to make the memory for a lifetime. Thailand has given Muay Thai to the world which now holds world recognition. It holds a special place in the hearts of the Thai people as it was originated here itself.

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