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Discovering Thailand Sports

Are you looking to discover Thailand with respect to sports? Here you go with most famous Thai sports:


Takraw is a famous Thai sport, which is played in team like Volleyball. There is a net on a small area similar to volleyball, but with some restrictions related to the rules of this game. Players cannot touch the ball with hand. They can only use hands and feet to kick the ball and throw it into the opposite part. Is not it interesting to play a game with a ball without using hands? This is the most interesting part of this game.


Kite fighting

Kite fighting is a game in which one kite cuts other kite in the air. Usually male and female participate in this game. It is an interesting game as you are not physically involved in the fight but still doing your best to win the game.



Soccer is another sport played in Thailand. In 1197, Thailand’s national team had won Asian Games and from that time, Soccer has become more famous in Thailand.



Tennis is a world famous game, which can be played between one on one and in team of two. It can be played between men, women, and a team of men and women. Thailand is also known as a good place to practising Tennis due to abundance of Tennis courts here.



You must have heard about Tiger Woods. In fact, who does not know Tiger Woods? He is a famous Golfer, but the best thing is a Thai-American Golfer. It might be a reason why Golf is so much likely among Thai people. Though, it is a game of rich people, people in Thailand love to play this game whenever they have time. Another reason behind its popularity is the presence of several Golf clubs and pleasant climate.


Beach Sports

When we talk about beach sport and Thailand then Scuba Diving comes in front. Having fun with scuba diving at beautiful beaches in Thailand is something that attracts tourists from all over the world. You may even see tourists who visit this place just for scuba diving at sunny beaches.


Thailand – the Best Place to enjoy sports

Thailand is one of the best tourist places because of its climate that invites people from all over the world throughout the year. While Thailand is a good tourist place for foreigners, residents of Thailand love it because of the sports activities that they can enjoy throughout the year, just because of the climate. Thai’s weather is pleasant whole year due to which people here can have enjoyment when they want.

Thai people are sports enthusiast and this is the reason why Thai sports are being practiced all over the world. Not just practiced but loved by people from all over the world. Some of the most popular sports in Thailand include Golf, Muay Thai – also called Thai boxing, Scuba Diving, Kite fighting, boat racing, and many more traditional games.


Golf is one of the most loved games here, as the climate is sunny and pleasing most of the times allowing Thai people to get them amused with this sport. You can play Golf everyday and for hours here in Thailand. There are several golf courses here for your amusement and enjoyment. Apart from this, you can enjoy with Thai boxing – the most loved fight sport. It is admired not only in Thailand but all over the world. If you want to stay fit, active, and strong then this sport is for you.

Apart from these sports, you have many other options. If you love beaches and sea sports then you will definitely be loving Scuba Diving here, as this place is a hub of beautiful beaches. You will love boat racing here, as you are easily approachable to boats. In the sunny weather, you can have a lot of fun with friends while playing Thai Games.

Horse racing and motor sports are also part of Thai sports. You can also enjoy badminton, squash, tennis, and many other games here, as almost every resort in Thailand provides you with specific courts for these games. And, if you are interested in only traditional sports, then you may like to play thai boxing, kite fighting, and takro.