Most Popular Sport in Thailand

There is no doubt about the popularity of “Muay Thai” as the most famous sport in Thailand. This traditional fight art is a discover of Thai people and is a National sport as well. It is a type of martial art, which is practised all over the world. It is much more than martial art, because in this fight sport you canuse Eight limbs that are hands, shins, elbows, knees, leg, and head.

This famous sport has a lot for all who practise it. It is governed by several rules like dress code, beard, Wai Kru, etc. When we talk about dress, it is clearly mentioned to wear shorts, which can be red, blue, light blue, or black. The fighter cannot have long hair and beard. The fighters must respect their teachers before starting the game and so on. These rules make the fighters learn discipline and respect.

When the sport starts, it has 5 rounds; 3 minutes each with 2 minutes break after each round. One of the best things is you can easily be a watcher of this sport, if you are a tourist here. Yes, at many places in Thailand, this sport is arranged for tourists.


Apart from Muay Thai, you have many other options as Thai Sports, such as Takraw, traditional western style boxing, Golf, Boat racing, scuba diving, and a lot more. Takraw is one of the most addictive game in Thailand and you can children playing it everywhere in the Thailand. You only need a rattan ball, a net, and a small area of 13 m x 6 m to play this sport. This is the most addictive sport in Thailand that even does not need any expertise. You can learn this within a few minutes and as you keep playing it, you will be master in it.

If you love water games then go around the beaches for boat racing and scuba diving. Sunny weather at beaches lets you play these games all over the year. If you want boat racing then you will be needing a team of people who are interested in the game, which is not hard, because many people love this game. If you want to play around nature then Golf is the best sport for you. With several Golf parks, you can play this luxury game throughout the year.