The most popular sports in Asia

Asia is the largest continent of the world and has the maximum population. This makes it common for the people to be huge fans of all the kinds of sports i.e. individual or team sports. During the last few decades European football became very popular in Asian countries. This sport was born in Great Britain. A real obsession was developed in countries like China, Japan and South Korea. Soccer has also become widely popular among women. The British also got another team sport known as cricket. It is a widely popular sport in countries like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bhutan. As it is a team sport, there are two teams that compete with each other where they have to score a goal in the opponent’s goal post.

There are many ways of playing the sport and the rules are also very complex. However this does not stop the players from playing the sport. Table Tennis is the third most popular sport in Asia. It is a game which can be played by a team of two or individually. It is played in a small room over a table with a small plastic ball and needs huge amount of coordination and concentration. The other sport is Gymnastics which is extremely popular in China. It is an individual sport but during any competitions the athletes perform in teams. The sport can be played by men and women, but the games are different for both.

And last but not the least; the martial arts are the best known in Asia. It comprises of the old and traditional fighting styles of Asia. There are different types of forms in martial arts like kung-fu in China and sumo and karate in Japan. All these sports are some of the top most played sports in Asia.


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