The Most Popular Sports in Thailand

Thailand is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Southeast Asia and in the world. This kingdom is known for the beautiful beaches, dense jungles, wild nightlife, tasty cuisine and pleasant people who live there. These are also some of the reasons why people travel o Thailand so often. But, in the recent period many people are traveling there to watch certain sports events, participate in them or engage in training classes.
Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and it seems that this is the first association when someone mentioned Thailand and sports. Thai boxing is a genuine form of kickboxing in Thailand. It involves punches, elbows and knee strikes and kicks. Participants fight in a ring and they use gloves that look almost the same as gloves used by Western boxers. In fact, Thailand managed to get several medals on the Olympics in boxing category although they’ve sent Muay Thai fighters.
In the past two decades another sport that is popular worldwide is slowly challenging the popularity of Muay Thai. Of course, we are talking about the planetary phenomenon called football. According to some statistics the number of football fans is close to the number of Muay Thai fans although this doesn’t mean that a lot of Thais who like Muay Thai don’t follow football or vice-versa. Thais are especially fond of the English Premier League.
Muay Thai is not the only native sport in Thailand. Takraw is a Thai sport in which players hit and pass a rattan ball by using their heads, chests, knees and feet. Sepak takraw is another sport involving a ball and it is similar to Western volleyball. This sport is popular in the region and the matches between different countries gain much attention.
Thailand is a popular golf destination although this sport is mostly played by tourists and foreigners who live in Thailand. On the other hand, rugby is getting more and more followers and the national rugby team of Thailand has shown a tremendous progress in the past few years. This is a university sport in Thailand and it is really popular among students.

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