The Best Thailand Sport – Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a martial art and a sport which holds international interest. The techniques include using the entire body like elbows and fists and feet and the knees. However the basic training of Muay Thai has punch, elbow and kicking techniques.
This sport needs a lot of physical and mental strength. This improves the focus of the aspirant which is useful during the match. There are many types of techniques like the clinch which is exclusively used in this sport. The fighter applies it by holding the opponent around the body and even around the head and the neck. He also has to press his forearm against the collar of the opponent while his other hand holding is head. Such strength and power is needed to fight in Muay Thai.
The training camps for Muay Thai are available across the globe as there is great popularity for this sport. But the training camp at Thailand is considered to be the best as it provides the right ambience to the aspirant.

For many Thai people it is a source of living. Thailand has a lot of passion for this sport and there are high numbers of matches held in Thailand. This gives an opportunity for the Muay Thai aspirants to try their hand at the sport and get recognition and rewards.
Muay Thai is also taken up by fitness freaks who want to stay fit as always. This sport needs a lot of energy to play. It makes you use the body to a great extent and also helps to know your limits. The discipline needed for learning this sport is very necessary. This also makes the person responsible and streamlines their life and daily routine. Muay Thai is a very popular sport and the Thai people are simply crazy for it. There is a festive environment when a match of Muay Thai is being played in Thailand.


HM’s New Year wishses for Thais : Nation News .

His Majesty the King has extended good wishes to Thai people in his New Year’s card released last night, with the words “May you be blessed with pure perseverance, sharp wisdom and complete physical health.”

The words are from “The Story of Mahajanaka”, a book written by the King. Another message says: “May you have happiness and prosperity. Happy New Year.”

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