Water sports in Thailand in November

Thailand is a great beach holiday destination and is gaining popularity year after year. Millions of travellers visit Thailand every year and enjoy every bit of the country. Thailand’s main income generator is tourism. This is one of the main reasons that the people of Thailand are so humble and courteous. Another reason for this down to earth behaviour is the teachings of Lord Buddha which is being followed in Thailand. Majority of the population follows Buddhism and it teaches the art of living life simply.


Thailand has been blessed with many natural beauties. The high peak mountains, the orchid farming, lush greenery, sun kissed white sand beaches and the tropical blue waters. These beaches give a lot of scope to the people around to do many things. These things include the beach sports which have a lot of horizons for earning money for the locals here. The beach sports include scuba diving which takes you closer for a sneak peak of the marine life. It shows the many species of the fishes, corals and reefs along with the beauty it has in store.

The other sports like kayaking gives the tourists a taste of canoeing, while the jet skiing shows the power of speed in the high seas. Snorkelling is a great way to swim your way into the life of the marine life. One can also swim in these cold and crystal clear blue wares. Sun bathing is also a great way to take in the scorching sun into your body. Apart from all these sports there is one more sport which is very close to the heart of the Thai people i.e. Muay Thai. This sport was originated in Thailand itself and is a martial arts form. It uses the art of eight limbs i.e. the hands, the feet, the knees and the elbows.


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