Sport activities in Thailand

Thais are known for their passion and enthusiasms when it comes to sport and recreation. What is interesting about Thai people is that they enjoy many different sports. They like to be part of sport activities, but they also like watching sport on TV or live in the stadiums around Thailand. The sports they enjoy the most can be separated into two different categories – traditional and foreign sports.

When we say traditional sports, we actually mean sports that originate from Thailand or the broader region where Thailand is located – Southeast Asia.

One of the most popular authentic sports invented in Thailand is Muay Thai or Thai boxing. Thousands of people visit local stadiums to enjoy the skills of well-trained and talented fighters. Many Thais have also trie Muay Thai training in their lifetime. Muay Thai is part of the Thai culture and this is the reason why most of these matches begin with playing traditional Thai music and performance of certain rituals like dancing and singing. Participants in this special form of boxing use their eight limbs – elbows, hands, knees and feet.

Another popular traditional sport is Takraw. For those who don’t know, Takraw is very similar to what western people know as volleyball. The main difference is the shape and appearance of the ball – athletes use a rattan ball. Of course, the rules are slightly different too because instead of using their hands, participants can use their head, chest, knees and feet. It is not unusual to find people playing Takraw in the streets of popular tourist hotspots like Bangkok or Phuket Island.

Just like any other country and nation in the world, Thai people love certain sports that are popular worldwide. In the first place we are talking about soccer or football. There is a professional Thai football league and the matches in this league attract thousands of people on the stadiums every week. On the other hand, the English Premier League seems to be even more attractive to Thais.

Finally, people in Thailand like few other sports like golf, swimming, diving and other sports that are suitable for the climate of Thailand.

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