Asia and the related sports

Asia is one of the largest continents in the world. It has a huge population. This has led to a lot of different sports being played here along with their million fans. Both individual as well as team sports are being played in this continent. Eventually there are many sports being played but European football has become really popular. It was born in Great Britain and has now conquered the world. Many countries like South Korea, China and Japan have become obsessive about Soccer as a game. There are two types of football i.e. American and European. While the American football has a lot of physical contact between the players, the European football is the opposite.

The next sport majorly played in Asia is cricket. This sport is a world famous sport and is played in almost all the countries and the smallest of the cities as well. This sport is also brought to Asia by the British people. It is mainly played in Bangladesh, India, Bhutan, Pakistan, and even Sri Lanka. The game as a whole is really complex and a single game of Test cricket can even last for up to 5 days to complete. It is that complex in nature and has many rules to be followed as well. The game of cricket has developed in the recent past and has evolved into many genres to please the audience and get a new feel within it.

Table Tennis is also a popular sport in Asia. It is based on the similar grounds of field Tennis. The player needs a lot of concentration and coordination among team players to score a point. Gymnastics is a great way to stay fit. It is also very famous in Asia. The main region of this sport is in China. Many athletes from Olympics are from this country and people start to get trained from a very small age to gain expertise in this sport.