Europe and their sports

Europe is the best place to be when planning a holiday. This continent has so much to offer to its visitors that it may take more than a month but you would not be able to cover the entire destination that appeal to all. It is also said that you would need more than a lifetime to visit the entire Europe. There are many places that can be visited while on a Europe tour like London, Paris, Berlin, Switzerland and many more.

All these places have something unique about them. For instance, London’s bus service is famous all around the world along with the London Bridge. Switzerland is famous for its Alps and the chocolates along with cheese and its varieties. Paris is famous for its fashion, perfumes and varied fragrances and the famous Eiffel tower. There are many tour packages that can be purchased which will help you to travel Europe with much ease. There are many kinds of sports that are played in Europe. For starters the Alps of Switzerland are famous for ice skiing. The snow clad mountains possess the thickest ice and it is great for skiers.

Football is very popular in the UK. There are many associations and private clubs that play the sport at professional levels. In the year 2010 there were major sports events held in Europe. Some of them were Formula 1, Hockey, Rugby, European football, and many more. Cricket is also a famous sport that is played in England. It is considered to be one of the strongest teams in the world. Tennis is also another sport which is very popular around the world and in Europe. All these sports were played in an event hosted in Europe in the year 2010. Sports are a great activity and many variations within it make it more interesting.