Water Sports – What can you try and where

Water sports are an amazing experience. The first thing that comes to mind when you ear these two words is the beautiful beaches. Yes, you can not only bask in the sun, build sand castles and play volley ball on the beach, but you can also enjoy some classic water sports.
The banana boat: Grab your friends and seat on this banana shaped boat that completely tumbled when it hits a wave. Don’t be afraid you will be right up the next moment, safe and having a jolly laugh with your pals.

Jet Ski: are you a Moto GP fan? DO you like racing your motorbike to its highest limits on the road? Then you will love trying the jet ski, simply because you are on a high speed motor boat, except that you are riding it on water.
Scuba diving: This is more of an adventurous sport wherein you dive down deep and explore the corals that are in store for you. It is indeed beauty that is never seen before, not on land definitely. Take the plunge and explore the unexplored with a nice long scuba diving session.
The list can go on and on. It is indeed endless. The next question is, how can one explore all of these water sports? Which place would be a highly recommended one in terms of offerings and cost?
No points for guessing, it is indeed the enchanting Thailand. Visit the Phuket islands that surround you with pleasant tropical water so clear that you would not feel like stepping out of it even for a moment.
This beautiful country just gave you another valid reason to visit it. Apart from its scenic beauty and historical richness, you can now enjoy the serene waters by having some fun with it, that is, enjoying some amazing water sports.