Thailand’s traditional Sport

Thailand is a land of luxury and talent. This is why most people from across the globe plan a trip to Thailand at least once in their lifetime. Thailand is a good place to experience culture and sports. The national sport of Thailand is their martial art form known as Muay Thai. The older form of this sport was known as Muay Boran. In the older version, the rules were few, making it quite a dangerous sport to perform. This traditional form of Muay Thai is nothing less than brutal. It is rumored that the fighter’s hands would be wrapped with the hemp ropes which would be dipped in resin coupled with small glass chips so as to cause maximum damage to the fighters while the sport is on. This sport was practiced during the war times when the soldiers lost their weapon. Muay Thai is often referred to the art of the 8 limbs. This is because it works on each and every eight points of contacts which goes against the two points that were practiced in Western Boxing.

Nak Muay is a term given to people in Thailand who practice the sport of Muay Thai. Anyone who does the same from the west, they would be called as Nak Muay Farang that translates to people who are foreigners to this sport. There are a host of kickboxing styles that are prevalent in Southeast Asia since more than 2000 years even. It is said that such sports have been also influenced by Cambodia.

There are many short as well as long term training for this sport of Muay Thai in Thailand. So the next time you visit, do get some hands on professional training from some of the Muay Thai experts and get the true feel of Thailand’s national sport. And, you may also want to experience some other sports of Thailand as well.

Glance through the Sports in Thailand

Thailand is a famous Asian country. This country is famous due to so many reasons like its climate, its culture, its people, and its sports as well. There are many sports in this world that have been playing a major role in establishing a good image of Thailand. Here are some of the famous national and international sports of Thailand:

Muay Thai: It is a famous fight art, which is originated in Thailand during a war. At that time, it was a necessity for Thai soldiers to defeat attackers without sword, etc. But today, it is a famous Thai Sport. In fact, it is a National Sport of Thailand. This game is also known as Thai Boxing. And, if you have been a fan of Olympic Games then you should be aware of this game too.

Golf: With pleasant weather and plenty of Golf Courses, Thailand stands at top among Golf Lovers and Golf Players. Environment here is fit to play gold throughout the year except a few months when days are rainy.

Len Wow (Kite Fighting): Len Wow is a national sport of Thailand in which people fly kites and also do kite fighting. When the kites are flying, people do often try to cut others’ kites with their kites. It has been practised there since 13th century.

Takro (playing with a rattan ball): Another local game is Takro. The game makes me recall my childhood days when I used to make ball of papers, clothes, etc. Likewise, Takro is game in which a rattan ball is hit into the hoop.

Chon Wua (Bull Fighting): You might have seen bull fighting on televisions. But in Thailand it is a great fight sport, which is enjoyed during festive seasons. In this game, bulls are selected based on their strength and they are pushed in an open area for fighting.

These are the famous Sports of Thailand, which you may also want to enjoy. When you visit Thailand, do not forget to participate in these sports.


Famous Thailand Sports to Know

Thailand is known all over the world for so many things. But, there is one thing, which has given an identity to Thailand and its people. And, that this is sports in Thailand. People here are sports lover. They love to participate in different types of sports with full enthusiasm and this is the reason, they are now representing the country in Olympics with a sport named Muay Thai, also called Thai Boxing. This is one of the ancient games of Thailand, which was originated during a war, and at that time, it was not a sport but a fight art used to defend from attackers without having arms in hand.

During the war, a time came when it was hard for Thailand warriors to have enough arsenals to fight with the opposite warriors, and that time, Muay Thai was discovered. It is an art that lets one to manage a complete group of attackers without any arsenal like sword or anything. Just with hands and legs, he can beat a group of attackers in such a way that they cannot fight back once hit.

Apart from Muay Thai, Thailand is known for many other sports as well. Golf is one such game for which Thailand is famous all over the world. People from all over the World come to Thailand to participate in this sport and many other sports events. Thailand has so many golf courses and all of them are good to play sports all over the year, as they are complimented by the weather here. Even Tiger Woods’s mother Kultida (Tida) Woods was originally from Thailand and might be this is one of the reasons that Tiger Woods is good at golf. Some other sports of Thailand are soccer, scuba diving, snooker, tennis, kite-fighting, boat racing, and takro. Whenever you get a chance to be in Thailand, never forget to participate in local sports like boat racing, kite-fighting, and takro. You will have great fun for sure.

Sports and Thailand – A Relation That Never Ends

Sports and Thailand are like two parts of a coin that cannot be separated. People of Thailand are sports lover and this is the reason many Thai sports like Muay Thai, Golf, Scuba Diving, Boat Racing, etc. are famous worldwide. Let us go though the sports of Thailand.

Thailand is a place that people visit because of its sports than several other reasons that people prefer while visiting other parts of this world. People have plenty of options to participate in sports like volleyball, football, tennis, water sports, golf, etc. then why they love to visit Thailand. There are many sports that can be played worldwide but a few sports that can only be enjoyed in Thailand are the attraction of people. These are the activities that open the door of opportunities for Thai Tourism.

About 3000 kms from the coastline, people can enjoy diving and snorkelling in this natural destination. Both novice and professional can participate in diving here. Diving is not just one water sport that can be enjoyed here. Many other such sports may include jet skiing, surfing, surfboarding, etc. So, there is a lot to enjoy here in the country.

Apart from water sports, Thailand is a pilgrimage for martial artist because of the worldwide popularity of Thai Boxing, which traditionally known as Muay Thai. This boxing art is known around the globe for its attacking behaviour and use of eight limbs, which make it unique and different from other martial art sports. On visiting Thailand, you may participate in Muay Thai art and learn it. And, if you are new to boxing then you can be watcher. You can be a viewer of this game and support the fighters. In fact, Thailand has a sport for everyone. If you are interested in bull fighting, cock fighting, or kite flying then you will love this place as well. Whether or not you are a sports person, this place has abundance of sports. Takraw is one such sport in which you play with a ball but cannot touch it. Likewise, the country is full of many interesting sports.


Importance of Sports for Thailand Tourism

Thailand is one of the most visited tourist destination in Asia. And, we can in fact say that it is not just the best tourist destination in Asia but in this world, Thailand is one of the best places that everyone should visit once in life. Reasons that make Thailand one of the best places to explore are many. Sports in Thailand are among those reasons.

Thailand is known for its sports all over the world and among those sports Muay Thai and Boat Racing are the most loved sports in Thailand. Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and therefore, it is being given extra privilege. Muay Thai is also known as Thai Boxing among boxing lovers and Thailand represent the country in Olympics as well with Muay Thai.

Second, most loved sport is Boat Racing, which is famous among tourists coming to Thailand. As you know Thailand is blessed by God with so many beaches, rivers, and the pleasant weather. All these things make it a good place for fun with localities. People of Thailand are very friendly and caring for tourists and this is the reason why tourists love to come here again and again. When you are at beaches or rivers in Thailand and want to participate in Boat Racing then you will not need to seek a special permission of anyone. Simply, approach the people having fun with boat racing and they will make you and your group a part of their game.

Nowhere is this world, you may see such friendliness among localities for tourists. Their friendliness and warm welcome make people come here every year. They get familiar with people easily and in less time and this is one of the reasons why people love Thai sports as well. For the lovers of water games and sports, Thailand is must visit destination. And, if you come here in a group then it will be an add on pleasure.