Thailand Sports

Thailand – The city for sports lovers

Thailand is a great place for everyone. It offers a lot of activities for each and every member of the family. There are exotic plants for the nature lovers, Local animals are in abundance for the animal lovers and a whole bunch of sports and activities for the sports lovers.
Thailand is known for its water sports. One can find some of the most beautiful beaches with white sands and turquoise waters. There are a lot of activities which can be done in these waters like snorkelling and parasailing and jet skiing and diving and many other types of water activities which can be done in the waters. The tourists come here to enjoy the waters in the morning and relax at night with the great night life. One can also go for rafting down the river, if they have a group with them.

There are great mountains and forests for the hikers. They can enjoy the wildlife and native plants along with awesome waterfalls and the breath taking views. You may shed some sweat but the memories will be forever.
Thailand’s traditional sport is Muay Thai. This sport has a lot of fan following all over the world. It is also known as kick boxing. This sport is held every day of the year in Bangkok and the provinces at the main stadiums. One can watch the other people participate in the sport or they can sign up themselves to get trained on this amazing sport of Thailand.
All these sports and activities may tire you; this is when you can give a try to meditation. There are many meditation centre and temples which specialise in vipassana or meditation. Though you can learn the meditation for free of charge but donations are usually anticipated. Every meditation centre has its own dress code. Men and women are invited but strict separation needs to be followed.