Sports and Thailand – A Relation That Never Ends

Sports and Thailand are like two parts of a coin that cannot be separated. People of Thailand are sports lover and this is the reason many Thai sports like Muay Thai, Golf, Scuba Diving, Boat Racing, etc. are famous worldwide. Let us go though the sports of Thailand.

Thailand is a place that people visit because of its sports than several other reasons that people prefer while visiting other parts of this world. People have plenty of options to participate in sports like volleyball, football, tennis, water sports, golf, etc. then why they love to visit Thailand. There are many sports that can be played worldwide but a few sports that can only be enjoyed in Thailand are the attraction of people. These are the activities that open the door of opportunities for Thai Tourism.

About 3000 kms from the coastline, people can enjoy diving and snorkelling in this natural destination. Both novice and professional can participate in diving here. Diving is not just one water sport that can be enjoyed here. Many other such sports may include jet skiing, surfing, surfboarding, etc. So, there is a lot to enjoy here in the country.

Apart from water sports, Thailand is a pilgrimage for martial artist because of the worldwide popularity of Thai Boxing, which traditionally known as Muay Thai. This boxing art is known around the globe for its attacking behaviour and use of eight limbs, which make it unique and different from other martial art sports. On visiting Thailand, you may participate in Muay Thai art and learn it. And, if you are new to boxing then you can be watcher. You can be a viewer of this game and support the fighters. In fact, Thailand has a sport for everyone. If you are interested in bull fighting, cock fighting, or kite flying then you will love this place as well. Whether or not you are a sports person, this place has abundance of sports. Takraw is one such sport in which you play with a ball but cannot touch it. Likewise, the country is full of many interesting sports.


Importance of Sports for Thailand Tourism

Thailand is one of the most visited tourist destination in Asia. And, we can in fact say that it is not just the best tourist destination in Asia but in this world, Thailand is one of the best places that everyone should visit once in life. Reasons that make Thailand one of the best places to explore are many. Sports in Thailand are among those reasons.

Thailand is known for its sports all over the world and among those sports Muay Thai and Boat Racing are the most loved sports in Thailand. Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and therefore, it is being given extra privilege. Muay Thai is also known as Thai Boxing among boxing lovers and Thailand represent the country in Olympics as well with Muay Thai.

Second, most loved sport is Boat Racing, which is famous among tourists coming to Thailand. As you know Thailand is blessed by God with so many beaches, rivers, and the pleasant weather. All these things make it a good place for fun with localities. People of Thailand are very friendly and caring for tourists and this is the reason why tourists love to come here again and again. When you are at beaches or rivers in Thailand and want to participate in Boat Racing then you will not need to seek a special permission of anyone. Simply, approach the people having fun with boat racing and they will make you and your group a part of their game.

Nowhere is this world, you may see such friendliness among localities for tourists. Their friendliness and warm welcome make people come here every year. They get familiar with people easily and in less time and this is one of the reasons why people love Thai sports as well. For the lovers of water games and sports, Thailand is must visit destination. And, if you come here in a group then it will be an add on pleasure.

Sport Tourism in Thailand

In the recent years so called sport tourism is getting really popular. In fact it is the fastest growing sector in the global travel industry. Countries that care about tourists and tourism, like Thailand, have invested a lot in different types of tourism including sport tourism. Some tourists travel to foreign countries to observe sport events and some to participate. No matter if you belong to the first or to the second group of tourists Thailand has a lot to offer when it comes to tourism. Different sports venues and different sport activities can be found in the capital Bangkok but also in the other parts of Thailand. These are some of those facilities and destinations:

Bungee Jumping in Patong – There are many places in Thailand offering bungee jumping but this one in Patong is special because of two things – the scenery and the height. It is located only few minutes from the beautiful Patong beach and it is considered to be the highest bungee jumping spot in Southern Thailand. Don’t miss this opportunity for adrenaline rush.

Parasailing in Phuket – There is another great sport activity that you can enjoy while you are in Phuket and that’s parasailing. There are few operators offering parasailing and there is no better way to see the beauty of the beaches on Phuket other than this. Enjoy the ride!

The Racquet Club in Bangkok – If you are a fan of racquet sports do not miss the opportunity to play on a foreign soil. This club is very modern and will certainly meet all your high standards. Whether you like to play tennis or badminton this club has it all.

Black Mountain Golf Club in Hua Hin – This Golf club is considered to be the best golf course in whole Thailand. It has recently invested a lot in equipment and they have professional and well-trained staff. The terrain is very natural and it is something that you don’t see everywhere.

Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok – If you want to take a break and watch a traditional Thai boxing match we suggest you visit the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium. There are many matches there organized daily. The fights are really good and the tension is high. You won’t see fighters calculating in this sport!

With these sport activities and lot more Thailand is the perfect sport tourism spot!

Muang Thong reclaim top spot from Bangkokpost News .

SCG Muang Thong United on Saturday regained the Thai Premier League lead with a 1-0 home win over Chonburi.

The victory, coupled with BEC Tero Sasana’s surprise 1-1 draw at Police United, sent the Kirins to the top of the table. After 13 matches, Muang Thong have 27 points and BEC Tero 25.
At Thammasat Stadium, French striker Michael Murcy stunned BEC after 35 minutes and Japanese midfielder Sho Shimoji equalised for the Fire Dragons in the 68th minute.



The Famous Martial Art Sport in Thailand

Thailand is the most famous tourist destination in South East Asia. Thailand becomes popular from traditional martial art sport in this elephant country. It is called Muay Thai kick Boxing. Muay Thai is a combat sport with defense and offense technique. Many people come to Thailand to learn and practice Muay Thai for self defense fighting skill and for some women with overweight, it is good way to reduce and burn some unwanted calories within the body.

There are great benefits from Muay Thai kick boxing. This martial art sport teaches people how to defense in fighting as well. Muay Thai teach people to respect other peoples, responsibility, increase flexibility, strong muscle, develop self confidence and self emotion control. Muay Thai is working to train and maintain all muscle in the body especially muscle of arms, feet, knees and elbow. This sport is opening for all people with any ages. For children, it is good exercise to learn and increase self confidence as well. For women, Muay Thai sport can increase physical fitness and weight loss. This posrt is also help people to manage self control of emotion and strong body in good shape.

Before you learn and practice Muay Thai kick boxing, people should practice some pre-exercise regularly includes; running, jogging, skipping rope, and stretching. Practicing this exercise can develop and increase flexibility before Muay Thai course begins. Student can practice easily and enjoy learning Muay Thai technique. This sport is different from western boxing or other kick boxing. Muay Thai is well known as art of eight limbs sport in Thailand. There are many different kick boxing sport has been practicing in South East Asia. Muay Thai kick boxing has been practicing for discipline over 2,000 years.

In other word, Muay Thai kick boxing is the right exercise to treat strong body, boost fit stamina, increase self discipline, and help people to manage their self control of emotion for bad situation. It is good way to change behavior from negative into positive attitude. It is also good exercise to develop endurance and fit stamina as well. For this reason, many people across the world come to Thailand to learn and practice Muay Thai kick boxing while traveling in South East Asia.


Sport Activities and Attractions in Thailand

Thailand is a well known and established tourist destination that is offering a lot of interesting activities and attractions for the visitors. Tourists come to Thailand for different reasons. Some of them enjoy long sandy beaches and that’s why they choose Thailand as their holiday destination and some of them like to explore untouched exotic nature that hides unique animal species and isolated tribes. But what if you are a sport enthusiast? Whether you are an active athlete or just a sport fan, Thailand is offering a lot of sport-related things to do while you are there. We’ve made a special list of places that you should visit while in Thailand if sport is your thing!

  1. Rajamangla Stadium – This is one of the biggest stadiums in Thailand. It’s actually a national stadium where you can watch a lot of sport games. World famous football clubs like Manchester United and Chelsea have played here in the recent years. In this sport complex you can find some good fan shops and have fun while watching a football game.
  2. Rajadmnurn Stadium – Muay Thai boxing is one of the favorite sports in Thailand. It is world famous because of the passion and performance of the fighters participating in these boxing matches. Rajadmnurn Stadium is often hosting various boxing competitions. If you are fan of boxing or if you just want to see a traditional Thai sport make sure that you visit this arena. It will guarantee you a good time!
  3. The Royal Bagkok Sports Club – For all the people that love horse races this is the right place to be while in Thailand. There are many races that are held here and their quality is really good. You can spend few hours here without noticing that the time has passed. While you are there you can also place a bet on your favorite horse.
  4. MBK Fight Night- If you don’t want to pay ticket and enter a stadium to watch a Thai boxing match this is a great alternative. MBK shopping center is organizing Thai boxing matches with international fighters. Almost all of these events are free. Come early in order to find better spot for watching.

As you can see Thailand is a good tourist destination even when it comes to sport. We’ve mentioned some of the sport activities and attractions in Thailand and there are plenty more of them waiting for you to discover them.